What Will Be Your Legacy?

What is your persuasion priority? In other words, who is the one person you want to say “yes” to what?

Once you know the answer to that question, ask yourself this: Will my persuasion priority impact my legacy either at my company or in the field?

If you’re 21 years old, fresh out of college and starting your career, you may consider your legacy to be an inconsequential and trivial matter. You have the entire rest of your life to worry about a legacy. If, however, you’re in your sixties and thinking about what your next chapter in life holds, your legacy is a significant consideration.

When you reach that point, here are some questions to ask yourself regarding your persuasion priority:

• How will others view this action or attempt in the future?

• Will it be seen as self-serving or as contributing to the larger group? 

• Will it be seen as the act of a confident and conscientious member of the team or as something done from an insecure position?

• Are your efforts an attempt to leave a stronger company in your wake? Develop future organization leaders? Preserve personal records or accomplishments?

Even if you’re not nearing the end of your time at a company or in a career, it’s still wise to consider these questions now. Your actions today will contribute to your legacy tomorrow.

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