One call, that’s all …

Well, almost.

For quick solutions to pressing persuasion and performance issues you’re encouraged to use what we call “situational” consulting. This is a one hour phone consultation and one-week of unlimited e-mail access.

Good for those times when you need an objective opinion and you need it quick.

It’s cost effective, insightful and gets you the results you need … fast.



Here is where we work together as collaborator and partner to improve your condition.

Our consulting interventions will help you and your organization achieve peak performance. This is the ultimate in terms of business performance improvement.

Some of our consulting intervention results:

  • Considerably increase market share through competitive strategy creation and tactical implementation
  • Develop competition-crushing marketplace superiority
  • Significantly accelerate cash flow via comprehensive sales and marketing initiatives
  • Greatly increase organizational synergy by improving internal communication
  • Reduce workforce attrition, streamline processes, and speed management decision making
  • Seize advantage of quickly unfolding market opportunities

Working with Mark

Step 1: Contact Mark: or 262-754-9637.
Step 2: You’ll have a performance conversation about what you want to achieve.
Step 3: Mark will present you with options outlining how to best accomplish your objectives.
Step 4: Get ready to accelerate your business and achieve astonishing results!