Mark Rodgers | Persuasion Matters | Coaching

For individual performance improvement we offer customized coaching. Whether it’s achieving your objectives, dealing with stress or improving your communication skills, personalized coaching can help. This will exponentially increase your effectiveness and success, both organizationally and personally.

Want to dramatically increase your personal success?

One-on-one performance coaching is really the fastest way to progress quickly with your personal and professional goals.

In these programs you and I will work together to help you solve specific issues or challenges you’re currently experiencing. Here are some personal coaching objectives we’ve helped others achieve:

  • Significantly boost personal income.
  • Increase executive “presence,” being able to effectively comport yourself.
  • Build your internal “brand” at your current organization.
  • Like to be able to reduce your travel.
  • Reduce time spent on interpersonal disputes.
  • Decrease your stress levels.
  • Increase your personal political savvy.

Personal coaching is a key to your success. Insight from a knowledgeable, objective source will help spur you and your people on to greater success.


For most people it is almost impossible to keep totally separate your personal and professional lives, especially when it comes to aspects like health, fitness, and relationships and so forth. This is a natural and expected aspect of the program and the interactions we will have.

Please note: This is NOT therapy. If you think you or your employees need that sort of assistance we suggested you find a licensed and certified professional. If you want help with your sales, marketing, management skills, and professional development of key employees, this program can be highly effective in building your business.