It’s about improving your condition. Whatever your position or your industry we can dramatically improve your ability to persuade. And this is how you can create your inimitable superiority.

Regardless of whether you work in sales and marketing or research and development; whether you’re a senior manager, a team lead or on the front lines, your ability to get others to agree will have a significant impact on your professional and personal success.

Simply put, we help you hear “yes” more often.

Working with Mark

Step 1: Contact Mark: or 262.754.9637.

Step 2: You’ll have a performance conversation about what you want to achieve.

Step 3: Mark will present you with options outlining how to best accomplish your objectives.

Step 4: Get ready to accelerate your business and achieve astonishing results!



Mark’s consulting practice works with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients, helping them dramatically accelerate their sales, marketing and management initiatives, always achieving astonishing results.

If you’re looking to develop competition-crushing marketplace superiority, significantly accelerate cash flow, or make sure your organization is firing on all cylinders, you’re in the right place.

Many Ways of Mark

We’ve created a range of opportunities with which you can improve by working with us. Everything from free (joining our newsletter list, viewing the videos here) to minor investments like purchasing our book (and getting all the enhanced content!) or a quick phone consult; to more significant investments like becoming a coaching client, or having Mark speak at your event, or having him conduct a training workshop, or engaging in the most powerful performance initiative there is, a consulting relationship.