Why Expertise and Credibility Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Let’s hear it for BusinessDictionary.com — the only online dictionary to define “expertise” the same way I do. The site states that the term describes the “basis of credibility of a person who is perceived to be knowledgeable in an area or topic due to his or her study, training or experience in the subject matter.”

The emphasis on “credibility” is mine. Why? Because credibility equates to expertise almost every time.

Consider that having credibility enables you to do each of the following:

Persuade people more easily, showing them new ways of thinking and allowing your expertise to help buyers make up their minds between buying now and waiting until next year.

Influence more people both directly and indirectly, generating a naturally positive effect and demonstrating your expertise when you’re, say, explaining key details to first-time buyers.

Reduce conflict, allowing your track record to speak for itself and proving you’re a top-notch professional. Which means that when it comes to waxing wise (and perhaps even philosophical) about hot industry issues, your expertise allows your voice to inform, educate and prevail.

Expertise levels in any business — including yours — can fall into multiple categories, leaving room for certain employees to step up and fill observed voids.

One of those employees should be you.

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