Use These 6 Words to Hear ‘Yes’ More Often

When you are in the process of persuading, remember six powerful words that will force you to link a meaningful target benefit to your request: What this means to you is … 

You can’t say it without saying something after it.

When you start to focus on your justification points for why someone should take you up on your offer, liberally use this phrase as part of your rhetoric.

Say, for example, you sell Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and are trying to explain to customers why the new Dark Custom™ series rivals the brand’s traditional bikes. Here’s a good line: “The Iron 883™ positions the Evolution engine in the nimble Sportster frame. What this means to you is you’ll be riding an iconic bike that’s dripping with power and character.”

And what this means to you is … you’ll hear “yes” more often.

If you don’t include these six words in your pitch, here’s another six words you might want to get accustomed to saying: Would you like fries with that? 

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