In a recent Wall Street Journalarticle, a series of real estate advertisement were analyzed, and it was discovered that the language used created different results.

When the words “handyman’s special” were used, the house sold at 50 percent faster than average and, by the way, at a 30-percent lower price than those who didn’t have this term.

When the ad stated that the property was “in move-in condition,” the listing sold 12 percent faster. When it said “starter home,” nine percent faster.

By the way, the word “beautiful” was one of the key terms, with homes selling 15 percent faster and at a five-percent higher-than-average selling price.

And, oh, by the way, “motivated seller” was found to actually lower the sales price and slow the sale.

And the term “must-sell” had no impact on the results.

And, of course, certain attributes were studied, and those had different impacts, as well. When the ads touted the fact that the home had a garage, they sold at 9.8 percent faster; the mention of a fireplace – 6.8 percent faster; and the mention of a lake accelerated the sale by 5.6 percent.

So the question for you is this – do you know what language works for your offerings?