Situation: Persuade independent retail channel to carry a previously rejected product.

This product, for this channel, was a radical suggestion. Worst of all a similar product had been introduced to this group and failed in spectacular fashion.

Intervention: Our objective was to reintroduce the product idea, launch the new line and get retailer buy-in, both figuratively and literally. We devised a provocative and comprehensive communication plan and delivered it to the retail channel.

Using our unique message, persuasive approaches and what has been called, “inimitable” delivery style, we were able to get a critical mass of influencers in the channel to reduce their defensiveness, be willing to hear about the improved product offering, and consider the carrying the previously failed product line.

Results: Within 72 hours – to the astonishment of naysayers – over two thirds of the channel bought into the program, making it an unprecedented success.