Situation: Our client’s fundamental offering was seen as a commodity. Their pricing was higher than others and in actuality our client’s clients could make more money by doing business with someone else. Our challenge: increase market share without changing the offering or the clients.

Intervention: We helped our client surmount these challenges by creating an ongoing initiative which dramatically improves the skills of their business partners. By helping our client’s clients increase their ability to reliably acquire more business, they soon realized our client’s initiative was the key to their success.

Results: It was this holistic approach which enabled our client’s partners to realize that – even if they could make more money initially somewhere else – they could be much more effective if they made our client their primary business partner. The result: double digit market share increases.

Additionally, through this initiative, we were also able to significantly increasing our client’s internal staff skills. By engineering situations which forced business conversations and skill exchanges our client, their staff and their partners improved in addition to their channel partners.

We also created a feedback loop enabling better and more immediate communication between the two groups. The result of which has been better products, more robust programs and better policy making.

And did we mention we achieved all of this with almost zero budget impact?