Mark Rodgers | Persuasion Matters | Speaking

Situation: Presentations were the Achilles’ heel of this product group. Although they had terrific designs, great strategies, it was communicating their ideas effectively which proved problematic. And as a product development group presentations are crucial to their success.

Intervention: Using the team’s actual presentation needs, we worked with them both individually and on a group basis, showing them how to read their prospective audience, craft their message and then how to leverage professional presentation skills to pack an enormous persuasive punch. We used both pre- and post event coaching to maximize skill transfer.

Results: What were the results? More persuasive communication skills enabled this group have more and higher quality products brought to market, significantly contributing to increasing revenue.

After our coaching, one product manager delivered a talk, using her new found skills. As the meeting wrapped up an executive was effusive in his praise, “You were amazing, how did you learn how to give such a compelling talk?”

She replied simply, “Mark Rodgers.”