Pragmatic. Customized. Impactful. This is why we use Mark Rodgers to improve the performance of our sales team; And you should, too.

Billy FriessSenior Director - Ticket Sales Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

My educated guess is that there are approximately 1,001 research-based tips in this book for making yourself more persuasive in business situations. Mark Rodgers talks about something else that’s just as important, though: how to conduct yourself with grace and integrity when things don’t go your way.

Daniel H. Pinkbestselling author of To Sell Is Human and Drive

Anyone in a role that requires advocacy and influence would benefit from the practical advice Mark Rodgers offers in Persuasion Equation.

Steve KingExecutive Director, University of Wisconsin School of Business

This powerful, practical book, based on proven, real-life experience, shows you how to make the sale, faster and easier than ever before!

Brian TracyAuthor The Psychology of Selling

I have always admired your work and talent, and appreciate how much you have contributed to the success of HDFS.

Donna ZarconeFormer President Harley-Davidson Financial Services

You have made a huge difference.

Jerry WilkePast Vice President Sales & Marketing Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

Classic lessons in organizational awareness and the importance individual relationships and agendas play in getting things done.

Sue MartinGE Healthcare

This session was packed with insights to the act of persuasion and unraveling clues to navigate organizational politics.

Gini RobackWe Energies

I personally think that you are one of the most engaging speakers I’ve seen, the content of your presentation was both interesting and relevant, and you approach the subject matter in a unique and thoughtful way. I only wish you could have spent more time with us.

Krzysztof J. ChorzepaOrganizational Development Consultant, Gen Re - A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Awesome topic. Presenter was top-notch. Spoke clearly and effectively and gave us so much valuable info.

Matthew JahnsRefined Renovations

I found Mark to be engaging, energetic and knowledgeable on how to be more persuasive in business.

Applicable to lots of businesses. Great knowledge and tips to take back to our team.

Michal DeskaloBilt Rite Furniture

Gave me tips on what I can do better to close the deal with my patients.

Michelle TervolaTMJ & Orofacial Pain Treatment Centers of Wisconsin

Mark provided information easily followed, easy to do, reasons to act.

Ken ConnorConnor Remodeling

Very valuable session — helps members become more effective, improve and grow our businesses.

Donna ConantBBB Board

Mark is a dynamic speaker that makes his audience wonder what is coming next. Highly entertaining and visually effective, he delivers complex ideas in a provocative format.

Michael PopkeTwo Lakes Media Group

I liked the specific word tracks that will be valuable in sales. I agree with the psychology — it makes sense.

Steve Hooker

I thought the speaker and information were helpful with improving my sales technique.

Mike WysznewskiEuroPlast LTD

Mark brings a level of energy and expertise to the topic of persuasion that should be discussed within every business — big or small.

Cortney IhdeWhy Not Now?

It provided me with a different way to think about and process how I need to sell the job at the automotive garage that I work at. Keywords were great!

Alissa CampbellStickler Automotive

A great review of the basics of communication.

William KalmerWilliam J. Kalmer CLU

Great content to apply to everyday business.

Linda HagenEuroPlast LTD

Will take away to better communicate with job and social communication.

Keith EltonAdvantage Leasing

Learned some good tools of the trade that I will look to implement in my life.

Matthew RebernickAdvantage Leasing

The presentation solidified some concepts that I have been adapting to my career, as well as adding a few techniques and keywords.

James OberholtzerAdvantage Leasing

Engaging discussion on realistic changes we can make in our professional interactions with co-workers and clients.

Deanne SchneiderAdvantage Plus Financing

Topics very informational.

Amy ZastrowMcDermott Top Shop

We learned simple ways to engage with customers that often are overlooked. These relationships can promote repeat business.

Erik KoehnAquatics Unlimited

The presentation was very good, entertaining but very informative.

Heather ErchulAquatics Unlimited

The 23 takeaways will be put into use immediately.

Karen LeeAlliance Tax Resolution Service

Learning key points is powerful communication with others.

Dave JohnsonYour Cabinet Guys

Very good presentation; entertaining and valuable.

Jack GolatkeStory Hill Renovations

It is always helpful to review the takeaways that will help my company and its customers by continuously improving on customer satisfaction and customer service.

Jay MyersKomfort Heating & Cooling

Mark Rodgers was informative and displayed excellent examples in engagement and persuasive speaking.

Maureen ArndtThe Starr Group

Very informative. Great ideas for help closing sales.

Tom HughesKomfort Heating & Cooling

Mark was quick, easy to understand and knowledgeable on how to precisely put these practices to use.

Joshua MacaraKomfort Heating & Cooling

Widely relevant.

Kathy WeberStrategic Solutions in Performance Management

Provided me with tools to work with from my own perspective, as well as my staff.

Kim Dandrea

Lots of ‘little’ things that make a ‘big’ difference.

Chelsea HindermanMcDermott Top Shop

Liked short version of presentation. Some go on for hours or days and overwhelm.

Bill WholeanCoakley Brothers

16 takeaway points!

Tony HamiltonAmerica Commercial Technologies

Mark was a very entertaining, convincing and motivating speaker.

Marnie MacLeishAquatics Unlimited

hese things are going to help me in my business.

Jan SchroederEast West ConnectionT

Mark emphasized a lot of points that I subconsciously don’t realize hurt myself professionally in terms of closing a deal and gaining trust and respect. To hear the points and have examples of how to approach situations more favorably going forward is a great takeaway.

Steve RadulovichLayton State Bank

How to start conversations to communicate better.

Jim ZellmerForston Construction

This was an excellent presentation. The material was very useful, the presenter was knowledgeable and engaging. I will use the information in my work.

Peter GohsmanTrans International

Mark always puts useful, actionable information into a fast-moving, fun presentation.

Art FlaterCentral Office Systems

One of the takeaways: Two-word questions.

Rhonda GrabczykHarley-Davidson

I am far too empathetic and miss opportunities at work. I loved the reciprocity ideas, target intelligence questions, name/frame/same, FORM, ART. Great information!!

Mariah PaceAlliance Tax Resolution Service

Even though you think you know all you can about sales, a seminar reinforces things you might be forgetting.

Jeff FeyrerJ T Feyrer Exteriors

I realized a lot of points that I was doing that were wrong. Also gives me a different way to approach a sales call.

Thomas NylenNylen Construction

Mark’s approach to be a persuasive speaker was a real eye-opener and gave me a lot of insight on how any professional can improve their skills.

Rexx IgunborPC LAN Services

I learned new ideas on persuasion and had some old ideas revisited.

Arthur LeeAlliance Tax Resolution Service

If you are interested in boosting your career through powerfully impacting the success of individuals and organizations then attend a session with Mark Rodgers.

Krista MorrisseyQuad/Graphics

Mark is a dynamic presenter – lots of substance and personality.

Tracy JosettiMarquette University

Lots of great, practical tips presented in an engaging format.

Genevieve Daniels

Mark is a gifted adult educator. His memorable instructional style engages the audience and builds a bridge from the classroom to the work place.

Bob ShaverProgram Director, UW Madison, Executive Education

Fantastic and substantive! Great topic and engaging presentation. Thanks Mark!

Deeatra KajfoszNalani Services, Inc.

Your opening Presentation really set the tone for our weekend. Phenomenal …

Janelle AndersonExecutive Director, Wisconsin Free Community Papers

You spoke directly to members’ needs and provided great take home value. Your presentation skills are outstanding.

Maureen WaddingtonExecutive Director, Bicycle Products Suppliers Association

Your enthusiasm, terrific sense of humor and obvious love of what you do was infectious (in a good way!).

Darin J. HarrisOffice of Quality Improvement, UW-Madison

I hear a lot of speakers. In the brevity of time, Mark got so many of my brain synapses working. Great ideas. Tangible information. Fun!

Angela ResterWellspring Organic Farm & Education/Retreat Center

Awesome information. Awesome energy. Awesome relevance.

Christopher CarlsonSenior Industrial Designer, Trek Bicycles

To this day people still ask me about the session with Mark Rodgers… you were fabulous.

Sue OlsonManager Membership Programs, Forward Janesville

Powerful speaker on a relevant topic for use in business and personal lives.

Michele HorstChortek & Gottschalk, LLP

Your keynote session was very well received and your retailer sales and marketing ideas were right on.

Randy BeckDirector of Professional Development, International Music Products Association

Mark is a lightning rod – creating a rapid flashing of ideas and solutions in his listeners’ minds.

June SchroederLiberty Financial Group, Inc.

Informative, educational and exciting!

Michele HubbardEnterforce

Powerful! Empowering!

Carrie GahanSEEK Careers/Staffing

Mark’s “Making It Happen” program contains critical human behavior insights that will benefit all people – professionally and personally – when put into practice.

Cory BouckJohnsonville Sausage

Mark packed an amazing amount of valuable and applicable information that I can put into practice into just a few hours.

Lynnette HahnPSE, Inc.

Simple, easy to apply techniques that can be immediately applied to any organization or personal situation.

Rebecca JimenezCUNA Mutual Group

Once again you captured the hearts and minds of our participants in your seminar.
Participants commented on wanting more time with your teaching because of your energy, unbelievable presentation skills and invaluable content.
You gave solid no nonsense responses to their questions. Participants reported this was one of the best seminars they have taken.

David Antonioni, PhDProfessor of Management in Executive Education Director of Project Management Programs

Interesting, thought provoking and practical.

Joanne BodienCedar Community