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How to Battle Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is always at work inside our brains. Why? Because it’s human nature to seek out facts, statistics and opinions that we think prove our existing beliefs — even if those beliefs are incorrect!  In other words, we see things not always as they actually are, but as we want to see them. Here are three examples that convey […]

Being Funny Can Make You More Persuasive

Research conducted over the past 40 years suggests that watching comedians or other funny bits improves people’s capacity to solve problems. Here’s proof: • Alice M. Isen, a psychologist at the University of Maryland in Baltimore in the late 1980s, found that people who watched a short series of television ”bloopers” were better able to […]

Try a New Way to Think About Thinking

According to Nobel Prize-winning economist and author Daniel Kahneman, we possess two “systems” for thinking: one that processes information very quickly, and one that does so more slowly and requires significantly more effort. Here’s the thing: Most of us don’t really like to think all that hard. As humans, we rely on what comes to […]

It’s OK To Say ‘No’ To Your Persuasion Priority

What if, after careful evaluation, you determine that your persuasion priority is not worth the effort? Maybe it’s not financially feasible. Or it won’t necessarily enhance your professional skills or expand your networks. Perhaps it will stress you out or overwork you. Regardless of the reason, don’t be too disappointed. You’ve just saved yourself precious […]

The Difference Between Happiness and Satisfaction

How will the pursuit of your persuasion priority impact your happiness and satisfaction? First, it’s important to realize that happiness and satisfaction are two separate and distinct notions. In short, happiness is based on conditions; satisfaction is based on reflection.  Happiness is the short-term elevation of mood, typically influenced by conditions. Is what you’re doing […]